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Here’s what sets me apart from other shemales out there; I’m completely shameless and will not think twice about getting dirty and messy if it means that I get a surge of pleasure from it, which is why my sexy brunette lover for the day and I are now going to town on each other’s asses!

You see, shemales can take a pounding better than other bitches and the true hardcore sluts like me can only get off by abusing our fuck holes to the limit!

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There’s nothing to hide between me and my fans, boys, so take a seat and enjoy the sights brought to you by this hardcore gallery featuring me and my lovely toy. Watch how that big butt-plug just fits snuggly into my asshole and how my white lingerie adds to the kinkiness of my curves and naturally shapely body.

I love fucking myself so much that I can’t hold back my urges to lick my toy clean once it’s done fucking my tight tranny ass!

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vicki richter and holly sweet

My friend Holly Sweet will give me a hand to show you what sets true hardcore shemales from posers, but how? Well, we are gonna get together, throw our mean girl looks on and then proceed to get frisky by playing with our cocks!

We are horny bitches and as such we simply can’t contain our lust and hunger for cock, and now thanks to us you get to see how real horny shemales can be once they come together! It’s a no holes barred show not meant for the weak of heart!

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vicki richter anal

Watch how a lucky stud gets to plow my sexy shemale asshole in a hardcore session of bareback anal sex! Oh sure, I am a good lover and I helped him out by sucking his cock, but the real action goes on between my cheeks as I ride his cock to oblivion.

I’m so lusty that once he gets tired, I simply switch back to a toy and try to get him hard in my mouth! There is just no letting up with a horny TS bimbo like me, and you better remember that if you wish to be one of my fans!

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vicki richter and jamie page

Even I can have a little room for romance, no? So check out my lovely friend and the way she poses sweetly with me by the pool. I know I’m more of a rough girl who loves being fucked hard, but it’s hard to find such a soft and supple cutie as Jamie Page and once you have her in your hands, you can’t help but feel your heart melt.

Things do get a little friskier in each picture, though, as our hands began to wonder to feel each other’s body.

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vicki richter play billiards

The balls are on the table and the game is ready to begin and I’m being quite literal here; I’m horny as fuck and I felt like climbing onto the billiard table to play with some balls, turns out they were cold and hard so I settled for my own and gave them a good grab while the camera focused on my naked body. I am Vicki Richter, so there is no time or place where I won’t be horny and ready to get going with a tease solo show or some hardcore action! Remember that…

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Hello there, my beloved fan! I got a special treat for you today!

Don’t let that “good girl” act fool you, take a peek at the bottom and see how my cock pops out. I’m a shameless whore and the only reason I would have to wear something cute would be to pervert it with my body and attitude, so sit back and let me do my thing as I turn the good girl look on its head by flashing my cock through this pretty dress and pull my massive tits out to complete the picture!

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Now this is what I like! Sucking and fucking like the hardcore transsexual slut I really am! Watch my eager stud and I tangle in different positions meant for maximum pleasure while we indulge in our base urges to fuck like animals!

I bet you are green with envy right now, but don’t worry, you can always take your share through the hardcore pics in the set. So c’mon, get off with my pleasure and my body’s eroticism while I fuck to my heart’s content!

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with jamie page and jessica fox

What’s better than a hot and curvy shemale glistening with water? I bet you tried to be clever and answered two, but you would be wrong. This time the answer was three; it’s all thanks to the fact that I’m chilling in my pool with my two friends Jamie Page and Jessica Fox.

Now, I know you can’t be here with us, but why don’t you do the next best thing and take a good hard look at the pics we made for you? We are sure you’ll love them!

 with jamie page and jessica fox  with jamie page and jessica fox  with jamie page and jessica fox

shemale Vicki Richter

Do you want to know why these tight shorts of mine have such a big zipper? Well, it’s like that so I don’t have to pull too much on them in order to take them off and expose both my cock and ass; so I can jump into the fun right away by stuffing myself with a big toy or just squeezing hard on my cock while I jack off.
Besides, wouldn’t you agree that those shorts fit a bad girl like me very well?

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Vicki Richter at Bobs Tgirls

Here’s a nice set for those of you who like to have fun under the sun.

I hope you also noticed that the only piece of clothing I have obscuring my sexy body is a big leather belt and that goes off the second my big hard cock goes up, since it would only get in the way of my boner, and we wouldn’t want me to cover that up, now would we?

If you end up cumming to this set, make sure to thank Bob’s Tgirls for bringing it to ya!

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Vicki Richter at Bobs Tgirls   Vicki Richter at Bobs Tgirls   Vicki Richter at Bobs Tgirls

Vicki Richter and Danielle Foxx

Even sexy shemales like me can get lonely from time to time, so we have to make the best out of each other’s company by fucking as hard and as often as we can! This is why my girl Danielle Foxx and I got busy working up a nice hardcore set of pics for her site.

Oh sure, it’s nice to get some photos but the real reason for me to be there was to suck her fat cock and get roughed up with a little face-fucking and hair pulling!

Vicki Richter and Danielle Foxx  Vicki Richter and Danielle Foxx  Vicki Richter and Danielle Foxx

ts vicki richter

As you can see from the angle in the first pic for this gallery I don’t waste any time getting down to business. I know what the boys want and I make sure to provide them with just the right stuff, so let’s do something other TS bitches don’t dare to try.

I will show off my shapely body and make it into the centerpiece for this gallery. Sure, there will be a pic of my cock for the pervs that can’t do without it, but most of this is about my curves glistening in the sun!

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