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Vicki Richter at Bobs Tgirls

Here’s a nice set for those of you who like to have fun under the sun.

I hope you also noticed that the only piece of clothing I have obscuring my sexy body is a big leather belt and that goes off the second my big hard cock goes up, since it would only get in the way of my boner, and we wouldn’t want me to cover that up, now would we?

If you end up cumming to this set, make sure to thank Bob’s Tgirls for bringing it to ya!

Click here to show your gratitude and see much more of me at Bob’s Tgirls!

Vicki Richter at Bobs Tgirls   Vicki Richter at Bobs Tgirls   Vicki Richter at Bobs Tgirls

4 Responses to “Vicki Richter at Bob’s Tgirls.com”
  1. vf1366 says:

    hi Vicki Richter. i saw your films in other of site. l search just you in first. i like your film, because you are the most nice of them. but this is my idea. thanks a lot. by

  2. djredneck says:

    You’re the classic pin up, plus.

  3. vlgsr says:

    Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. I just adore your beautiful long thick cock and I want so badly to suck you.

  4. ted mosbey says:

    u r always so sexy. liked… :))

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