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vicki richter and holly sweet

My friend Holly Sweet will give me a hand to show you what sets true hardcore shemales from posers, but how? Well, we are gonna get together, throw our mean girl looks on and then proceed to get frisky by playing with our cocks!

We are horny bitches and as such we simply can’t contain our lust and hunger for cock, and now thanks to us you get to see how real horny shemales can be once they come together! It’s a no holes barred show not meant for the weak of heart!

Click here and see more of it over at her site – http://hollysweet.net/

vicki richter and holly sweet  vicki richter and holly sweet  vicki richter and holly sweet

3 Responses to “Vicki Richter and Holly Sweet get dirty”
  1. Greg says:

    Vicki You are so hot.

  2. djredneck says:

    You are the queen of both women and t-girls. No one is hotter than you.

  3. Azrael says:

    Azz Candy. wow you guys are great together. sket sket

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